About Us

Our Purpose

We believe in a future where innovation benefits all, and companies exist to provide value for society, not just their shareholders. We believe in a society where under-served communities have equal access to learning opportunities that empower them to elevate their livelihoods.

We exist to build a fairer future through transformational learning experiences.

What we do

We help companies and organisations put purpose and social responsibility at the core of their business through highly practical learning programs.

Our programs help you move beyond the rhetoric of “social responsibility” and actually transform your operations in a way that makes a genuine difference in the world.

Companies and organisations today face greater scrutiny than ever from the media, investors, customers and employees over what they’re doing for society and for their negative impact on the environment.

Our expert team of trainers have years of experience designing social impact learning programs for universities, governments, NGOs, SMEs and startups – which means we’re perfectly placed to help you authentically become a socially purpose-driven organisation.


Rosary Coloma
Founder & CEO

Gary Leung
Strategy & Partnerships

Lei Iglesia
Organisational Development Consultant

Adam Everill
Social Impact Lead

We work with our vetted network of professional facilitators, consultants, and relevant subject matter experts, giving us the agility to create bespoke teams for your customised needs.