Beneco Futures



What we do:

We help organisations and communities tackle problems worth solving in a rapidly changing world.

We do this through transformational learning experiences that drive innovation towards serving humanity. Using blended learning, we apply our ‘self to systems’ approach to facilitate short workshops, all the way to immersive capability development programs.

How We Can Help


Prepare employees for the future of work. Industries are transforming rapidly. Many workforces lack the skillset and mindset for rapidly changing needs. Develop your staff’s ability to solve meaningful problems, think critically, creatively and innovatively, with resilience and adaptability.

Be more customer centred. Don’t waste time and money rolling out unwanted products. Develop deeper empathy and understanding of your customer, and align your organisation to their needs.

Embed purpose into your strategic vision. Consumers, employees, and investors are increasingly demanding more purpose driven leadership. Learn how to build a purposeful and impactful core strategy, in order to create value for society and provide meaningful work.

Do better for the community. Go beyond marketing spin and corporate social responsibility on the sidelines. Develop the capability to authentically be of service to the communities you operate in.




Our Social Impact


Next generation leaders and changemakers

Our main focus is on the current workforce, but we also help to develop the future workforce – youth (in fact, that’s where we began). We develop the next generation of leaders and changemakers by working with educational institutions on project-based learning initiatives such as work-integrated-learning programs, global immersion programs, and customised workshops.

Empowering under-served communities

Building a more equitable future also calls us to serve who’s being left behind. We support disadvantaged and under-served communities by providing enterprise skills training and capability building programs that empower people to address their own challenges, elevate their livelihoods, and drive an economy of inclusive growth.

If this aligns with your mission and you need an implementation partner, let’s talk.